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A micro RNAs (miRNA) are short ( about 22nt) non-coding RNA molecule found in both plants and animals, even in some viruses. It involves in RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation during gene expression. miRNAs are well conserved in both plants and animals. Most of them are located within the cell, but they also found in various biological fluids such as cell culture media. It is thought that miRNAs are evolutionarily ancient component for gene regulation. The core components of the microRNA pathway are conserved between plants and animals, miRNA repertoires in the two kingdoms appear to have emerged independently with different primary modes of action (Shabalina et al 2009) .
Plant miRNAs usually have near-perfect pairing with their mRNA targets, which induces gene repression through cleavage of the target transcripts. In contrast, animal miRNAs are able to recognize their target mRNAs by using as little as 6–8 nucleotides (the seed region) at the 5' end of the miRNA, which is not enough pairing to induce cleavage of the target mRNAs. Combinatorial regulation is a feature of miRNA regulation in animals. A given miRNA may have hundreds of different mRNA targets, and a given target might be regulated by multiple miRNAs (Wikipidia) .
To facilitated wider use of SSR associated plant miRNA, we constructed a user friendly, freely accessible web-based, searchable and downloadable molecular marker database. This data base encompasses 3573 miRNA-SSR markers along with its motif repeat, motif length, SSR class (Class I, Class II), motif type, motif nucleotide base composition (AT-rich, GC-rich, AT-GC balance), marker id, miRNA family, inslilico transferability, inslico polymorphic information. Marker information can retrieve by using general search or customized search option (tools). General search tools facilitated to search miRNA-SSR markers information based on single search parameters viz., SSR Type; SSR Class; SSR Motif Rich with and miRNA family etc. While customize search tool allow to fish out more specific miRNA-SSR markers from the database using several parameters together in different combinations based on the user interest.

db Info: PmiRNASSRdb: Version 1.

Current version of this database contains 3573 pre-miRNA-SSR markers from the 292 plant species of six plant taxa (Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophyte, Gynmosperm, Monocot and Dicot).